AnteAGE MD Home Hair System

This is a breakthrough that reawakens hair follicles for healthy hair using cytokines and natural stimulants. The AnteAGE® HAIR System is a breakthrough in the promotion of healthy hair growth using WNT1  Cytokines™ along with a cocktail of natural stimulants to reawaken hair follicle stem cells.

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The AnteAGE® HAIR System is a breakthrough in the promotion of natural, healthy hair growth – without surgery or hormonal side effects.

The system contains products which work together to help awaken the sleeping cells inside the hair follicle, and return them to a more youthful and active growth pattern.

AnteAGE® Hair Serum uses WNT1  Cytokines™ along with a cocktail of natural stimulants to overcome the quiescence of hair follicle cells. This serum is further combined with  plant-derived biosignals shown to promote hair growth. When applied regularly, these pure isoflavones will create an optimal environment for growth cycles.

The application of Hair Serum is paired with a handheld dermal needling device to enhance product penetration and follicle stimulation.

Reduction of hairloss with or without hair regrowth can be expected at 12-24 weeks. Results can be optimized with monthly in clinic microneedling sessions with high potency hair serum.


AnteAGE® Hair Serum can be used with or without home microneedle stamp, although stamping significantly improves skin penetration. If the stamp is used, needle length is 0.25 mm which does not require anesthetic. Always start with a clean (using gentle, diluted shampoo), towel dried scalp and use the stamping device provided to make multiple passes over the treatment area.

For ease of use, apply Hair serum at night to allow product to absorb as you sleep.

Apply 2-3 drops of AnteAGE® Hair Serum to treatment area and press the stamp head gently onto the skin. Apply another layer of AnteAGE Hair Serum and let dry. You do not need to press hard with the stamp. Hair Serum should be applied twice weekly when using the microchanneling stamp. Ensure that the stamp is properly cleaned with mild shampoo and the alcohol spray provided.

On alternating days, apply the Hair Serum to treatment area. Apply 2-3 drops and massage in with fingertips or use the thickening brush provided.

The Home Hair System works best when paired with monthly professional hair treatments such as Keravive scalp treatment, microneedling with high potency hair serum and PRP injections.