Sagging Brows and Eye Lids

This is a very common problem as one gets older. The brows sits lower than usual and makes the upper lids of the eye hang heavy over the eyes. This can worsen an already saggy upper lid. We are less able to tolerate Botox/Dysport injections of the forehead lines over time.


Aging with overall loss of volume and skin elasticity is contributory. Habits that exacerbate skin health like smoking, poor sleep, poor stress management and nutrition will hasten the aging process.

Prevention and Treatment

Efforts to prevent volume loss and deterioration of skin health is important. Making healthy lifestyle choices and using the right skincare is essential.

We have very effective non surgical options at Hush Beauty:

Botox, Dysport & Xeomin

Strategically placed, it can lift sagging brows


Strategically placed, it can lift the brows and uplift the lateral corners of the eyes

  • High Intensity Focused Ultra-Sound tightening is a painless and quick procedure to tighten soft tissue around the forehead and brow

Plasma energy device

Energy conducted through an ionized medium can produce skin tightening around the delicate area of the eyes. This gives an immediate lifting effect. It can also eradicate fine lines


ZO: Intense Eye Creme

SkinMedica: TNS Eye Repair, TNS Illuminating Eye Cream, Uplifting Eye Serum

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