Nose Shape Treatment

Nose Shape Treatment Vancouver

Can you change the shape of your nose? Dr. Rose offers unique and noninvasive options to achieve your ideal nose shape.

Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face, so it’s natural to want to improve its appearance. An unwanted crook or noticeable bump can impact your entire face’s features. Your age can also change your nose shape. However, you don’t have to undergo drastic surgery or expensive treatments to change your nose shape.

Dr. Rose wants to help you feel more confident by offering subtle yet effective treatments for your nose shape. These nose shape treatments in Vancouver smooth out bumps and droops while enhancing your radiant, natural beauty.

Time to find your perfect nose shape! Contact Dr. Rose to discuss what nose shape treatment options can achieve your ideal nose shape.

What Decides Your Nose Shape?

Everyone’s face and body look different, but noses tend to have some of the most noticeable variances. Why do noses look so drastically different from each other?

The nose shape comes from a combination of bone and cartilage, a soft connective tissue. The way your cartilage and bone interconnects determines your nose shape. Ethnicity and genetics also play a significant role in how you look.

Causes of Different Nose Shapes

Outside factors can also play a role in your nose shape. Some common causes of nose changes include:

  • Accidents: Breaking your nose or other accidents can cause it to heal in a different shape than before.
  • Surgery: Nose surgeries will impact the look and shape of your nose, especially if the procedure causes scar tissue.
  • Growth: Your nose continues to grow as you get older. While your bones keep their shape and size after puberty, your cartilage never stops growing, causing a shift in appearance.
  • Age: Your nose changes shape as you age. It’s normal to notice a slight sag or downward drop as you age. This happens because there is bone loss with aging.
  • Oil glands: As you get older, your oil glands often enlarge, which can cause your nose tip to grow outward, appearing more bulbous.

Can You Prevent Your Nose from Changing Shape as You Age?

Your nose will begin losing shape between your late thirties and early forties. The ligaments and cartilage will loosen, and the skin will grow thin. Additionally, your nose becomes heavier as you age. This can cause your nose tip to droop downward.

Can you change your nose shape?

While there’s no reliable way to prevent your nose from drooping with age, a healthy lifestyle may lessen the sagging by keeping your cartilage and skin stronger and flexible much longer. Some ways to invest in your skin and health include:

  • Healthy diet: Eat a diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and vitamins to keep your skin and cartilage strong.
  • Exercising: Staying active improves your blood flow so your skin stays healthier and more elastic.
  • Avoiding the Sun: Apply sunscreen and wear sun protection for your face to keep the skin and tissue in your nose healthy and not drying out.
  • Skincare Routine: Regularly moisturize and use products that strengthen the skin on and around your nose to keep it stronger.

While healthy living can keep your nose skin healthier, it won’t prevent all sagging. Sagging noses are a natural part of age and only professional treatment can help you regain your previous shape. Dr.Rose offers noninvasive options that complement your healthy lifestyle options for correcting or preserving your ideal nose shape.

Can You Change Your Nose Shape without Surgery?

Good news! You can correct some nose shapes and abnormalities without surgery. Are you a potential candidate for nonsurgical nose shape treatment in Vancouver?

Here are some nose shapes Dr. Rose can help you correct:

  • Nose bumps: If your nose has dips and raises across the top, you can fill in the dips to create a smoother bridge. Smoothing your nose helps it look smaller and more symmetric.
  • Crooked nose: While drastic nose crooks require surgery, Dr. Rose can smooth out slightly crooked noses by adding fillers around the edges.
  • Nose tips: Do you want a longer nose or to adjust the shape of your nose tip? Dr. Rose’s fillers can smooth out the tip of your nose, raise it, or add a slight length.
  • Nose scars: You can reduce scarring from accidents and surgeries through fillers for a smoother, blemish-free appearance.

When to Choose Surgical Nose Shaping Options

Dr. Rose specializes in certain nose shapes to help create your desired facial aesthetics. In addition, her nonsurgical treatment helps those who want minor nose adjustments, especially to counteract nose changes due to aging.

In some cases, though, you’ll need surgical options to correct your nose. Before deciding whether to choose surgery, ask yourself these two questions:

Is your nose shape affecting your health?

Some nose shapes can interfere with your health. For instance, scaring might impact your breathing, cause snoring, impact your sense of smell, interfere with your taste, cause nose bleeds, or make you more susceptible to infections.

If your nose shape is causing a health concern, you’ll want to discuss your options with your primary care provider to find the best treatment option for your nose shape that directly addresses your health concern.

Do you want to remove part of your nose for a new shape?

You’ll also need surgical treatment to remove part of the cartilage or tissue to change your nose shape drastically. The surgical reshaping of your nose is called rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is an invasive procedure where a surgeon either opens the skin on your nose to reshape it or they make small incisions to reshape the cartilage.

Surgery may be the only option to shorten your nose or remove tissue impacting your health. However, be aware that surgery also comes with much longer recovery times and the results are permanent. You may have to wait three or more months after surgery to see a decrease in swelling and enjoy your new appearance. So, if possible, we recommend trying noninvasive options first.

Before deciding on surgery, ask Dr. Rose if you can achieve your desired look without invasive procedures. A crooked nose or bulbous tip doesn’t require a lengthy tissue removal procedure. Dr. Rose offers a similar result through noninvasive treatment options.

How to Change the Shape of Your Nose at Hush Beauty

It is possible to change the shape of your nose without invasive surgery!

Dr. Rose and her professional team at Hush Beauty offer several quick and painless options to achieve your ideal nose shape.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers for nose shape treatment evens out your nose shape, such as those with crooked bridges, large dips, and unwanted dimples. You can also use nose fillers to create a more asymmetrical appearance. The filler does not make your nose look larger unless you want a larger nose. Instead, it smooths the appearance, which can even make the nose appear smaller.

Filler also works for dropping nose tips. Dr. Rose inserts filler at the tip to help raise it back into place to keep a younger nose longer.

Discover more about the benefits of Dermal Fillers for nose shape.

Thread Lift

Thread lift treatments for nose shape reduces the natural sagging at the tip of your nose that occurs as you age. With a nose thread lift, Dr. Rose places thin threads along the bridge of your nose to strengthen it and pull the tip upwards.

Thread lifts are a much faster and safer option than rhinoplasty to correct sagging nose tips. It doesn’t require surgery, and you’ll have minimal recovery time. You also have more flexibility to adjust your nose shape as you age or if you want different results.

Discover more about the benefits of a Thread lift.

Do Products Work?

How can I correct my nose shape naturally with products?

Unfortunately, no products can reduce sagging noses or change your nose shape. However, Dr. Rose does recommend having a consistent skincare routine. Cleaning your skin, keeping it hydrated, and using sunscreen to prevent additional damage.

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The Perfect Nose Is Possible without Surgery

Is expensive and invasive surgery keeping you back from fixing your nose shape?

It doesn’t have to any longer! Dr. Rose offers easy, fast, and noninvasive solutions for fixing nose shape issues and the appearance of aging.

Before deciding on the best nose shape treatment in Vancouver, BC, talk to the caring team at Hush Beauty. We’ll learn about your desired look and potential medical concerns and then create a customized treatment plan to ensure you’re delighted with your results.

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