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Have you noticed new bald patches or thinning hair lately? Don’t be discouraged – you can stop and reverse hair loss with Dr. Rose’s leading hair loss treatments in Vancouver.

Your hair is one of your most defining features and can significantly impact your appearance and self-confidence. You spend years styling, cutting, and coloring it to achieve your ideal appearance. So, suddenly losing part or all of your hair can be a little unsettling.

Hair thinning and loss are a normal part of aging and a common symptom of other conditions. Thankfully, it’s also a treatable condition, thanks to Dr. Rose and her caring team at Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre in Vancouver.

We specialize in making people feel confident in their bodies as they age and change. So, if a full head of hair will help you feel like the best version of yourself, we can help you make that possible by improving the health of your scalp and stimulating new hair growth.

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What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is when the hair on your scalp or body falls out. The average person has around 100,000 hairs on their head and loses between 50 and 100 hairs a day.

While you’ll naturally lose hair throughout your life, it usually grows back at the same rate or faster. However, if you’re losing more hair than is regrowing, your hair loss can result in thinning or baldness.

Baldness is patches of the skin where hair no longer grows, or it grows back slower than hair falls out, leaving the skin exposed.

Hair loss is more common in men, with 66% reporting a bald spot by 60, compared to almost 28% of women in their 50s and 60s. Regardless of gender or genetics, Dr. Rose offers various treatment options to help with hair loss.

Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss takes many forms and looks different for each person, depending on the underlying cause of the loss. Here are some common types of hair loss and signs you might have that type.

Thinning Hair

As you age, your hair will naturally thin. This is the most common hair loss type. When your hair thins, you’ll see an even thinning across your entire scalp, making the skin beneath more noticeable.

Another sign of thinning hair is a receding hairline. With a receding hairline, your hair starts further back from your forehead. Men are more prone to a receding hairline than women, while women are more likely to notice their center part widening as they age due to natural hair thinning.

Bald Spots

Sometimes hair loss only occurs in one spot while the rest of your hair remains relatively thick. This is called a bald spot. The most common place for bald spots is a circular patch on the back or top of the head.

Bald spots usually increase in size over time. Some men may go completely bald as they age. People with bald spots may have damaged hair follicles preventing further growth in those areas, which requires more extensive treatment to heal.

Bald Patches

If you notice several small bald patches around your scalp, this is not a natural hair loss pattern. It can be a sign of a more serious medical condition that requires professional treatment.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss has many causes. Some require a doctor’s diagnosis, while others are a normal part of aging. Here are common reasons you may be losing your hair:

  • Genetics: Your family history strongly influences what type of hair loss you’ll experience as you age.
  • Hormonal changes: Sudden hormonal changes impact hair growth, especially after childbirth and during menopause.
  • Medical conditions: Alopecia, hair-pulling disorder, ringworm, and other medical conditions cause balding. These causes require a medical diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Medications and treatment: Some medicines can cause more than the usual amount of hair to fall out. Some treatments, like chemotherapy, can also cause hair loss.
  • Stress: When you’re under considerable stress, you’re more likely to see thinning hair.
  • Repeated hair strain: Keeping your hair in tight styles and over-styling can hurt your hair follicles over time, leading to hair loss.
  • Friction: Repeated movement on the body or scalp can wear the hair away in that area.

Many causes of hair loss are temporary, and you’ll see your hair grow back when you’re done with the medication, stressful situation, or hair loss trigger. However, if you’re experiencing hair loss due to age, it may be permanent unless you undergo professional treatment.

What Increases Your Chances of Hair Loss?

As you age, your hair growth slows and may eventually stop growing altogether. Your chances of hair loss might be increased by certain factors, including:

  • Poor diet
  • Too much weight loss
  • Stress
  • Medical conditions
  • Exposure to air pollution

Taking care of your health also promotes hair growth as you’ll give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep growing hair at the same rate you lose hair.

Who to See for Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, we recommend first seeing your primary care provider or a dermatologist to rule out any underlying disease, medications, or factors that may be causing it.

Is there anything a doctor can do for hair loss?

Your primary care provider has limited knowledge about hair loss. So, any medical treatment would come from a dermatologist. They can help treat underlying conditions and recommend the best medicine for hair fall and regrowth.

But if you want to regain some of your previous fullness and there’s no related medical condition, you can see a cosmetic professional who is knowledgeable about skin conditions and hair loss, like Dr. Rose and the Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre in Vancouver.

The sooner you seek treatment for hair loss, the better results you’ll see. A minimal amount of hair loss is reversible. However, if you wait until you have extensive balding, you will have less chance to regain the same fullness as you began with.

Dr. Rose will discuss the best options for every hair loss stage and recommend the most successful treatment option so you’re happy with the results.

How Can You Prevent Hair Loss?

You can take some steps at home to limit the rate at which you lose hair. Limiting your hair loss gives your scalp more time to replace the hair you lose.

  • Avoid medications that cause hair loss.
  • Avoid UV light and protect your scalp when in the sun.
  • Brush your hair gently.
  • Don’t put your hair in tight hairstyles.
  • Avoid heat-based hair treatments like curling irons and hot rollers.

When hair loss occurs, you want to avoid damaging the skin underneath. However, as long as the skin is healthy, you can regrow hair after temporary loss due to hormonal changes and medications. Even aging skin can still regrow hair if you take care of it and stimulate the follicles.

Beginning and Advanced Hair Loss Treatment in Vancouver

No matter your stage of hair loss, Dr. Rose can help you regain part or all of your head of hair with her leading hair loss treatment options.

Plasma-Rich Platelet Therapy (PRP Therapy)

Plasma-Rich Platelet therapy (PRP therapy) is a non-surgical solution to hair loss that doesn’t require any medication. Instead, this therapy involves injecting your platelets into your scalp. The platelets have the information your scalp needs to regrow hair, stimulating natural growth over time. PRP therapy works for anyone experiencing hair loss.

Learn more about the benefits of Plasma-Rich Platelet Therapy for hair loss.


Stem cell exosomes are your body’s healing messengers. They contain the necessary data your body needs to heal and regenerate. By injecting exosomes into your scalp, you can encourage it to heal and regrow hair. You’ll see results over time, most becoming visible six months after the hair loss treatment.

Learn more about the benefits of Exosomes for hair loss.


Using gentle hair products in your daily care routine will help preserve the hair you have and reduce the follicle damage that might result in hair loss.

If you’re already experiencing hair loss, the AnteAge Home Hair System can stimulate the hair follicles and encourages natural hair growth. The system includes the AnteAGE Hair Serum with Cytokines, which prepares your scalp skin for hair regrowth.

Consult your primary care doctor and Dr. Rose at Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre before beginning a treatment option. You’ll need to address any underlying conditions and report potential health concerns before beginning treatment to ensure it’s safe and effective.

The results for each treatment and product will vary depending on the extent of your hair loss and its cause.

Regrow Your Hair and Rebuild Your Confidence with Dr. Rose

Is your hair loss impacting your self-confidence?

Whether you lost hair volume due to age, natural factors, or a medical condition, our caring team at Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre will help you rebuild your confidence. Our treatment options target the core causes of hair loss and promote long-term growth.

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