Double Chin

Double Chin Treatment in Vancouver at Hush Beauty MD

Dr. Rose Wong offers the best double chin treatment in Vancouver to bring out your natural jawline for a younger appearance.

Your facial features shift over time as your skin sags and fatty deposits build up under your chin, causing a double chin. Your face is beautiful at all points in your life, and you can embrace these changes. However, if you would like to keep your natural jawline and bring out your facial features more, then double chin treatment is available.

Dr. Rose Wong and the Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre want you to feel confident in your body and embrace those stunning contours of your face. The changes you see in your face due to weight or age are normal, but they can mask your ideal appearance by hiding that gorgeous jawline. You have options to remove any unwanted sag and let your features shine through.

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What Is a Double Chin?

A double chin comes from an extra layer of fat that sits below your chin. Because the layer causes your upper neck to sit lower, it gives the impression of having two chin lines instead of one. This layer is also called submental fat.

Many people have double chins, but they’re most common in those with higher fat percentages and older people with looser skin.

What Causes a Double Chin?

While a double chin comes from excess fat, it can appear on anyone, even those with a healthy weight. Here are the primary causes of a double chin:

  • Weight: When you have higher fat percentages in your body, you have a higher chance of it collecting under your chin.
  • Age: As you age, your skin begins to sag, which can cause the area under your chin to hang lower, along with your natural or excess fat.
  • Genetics: Some people naturally carry more fat in their faces, especially those with genetically round faces. If you genetically have a rounder face, you can have a double chin even at a healthy weight.
  • Muscle: You have muscles in your face, which help hold your skin in place. If you don’t use those muscles, like those with poor posture, they can weaken and result in sagging under the chin.

How Can You Prevent a Double Chin?

Double chins don’t require medical treatment because they’re normal and present even in healthy people. However, double chins can hide some of the other natural features you like showing, like your neck, chin, jaw, and cheeks.

Those who prefer to remove or reduce their double chin for cosmetic reasons have several lifestyle changes they can make. These changes work best to prevent double chins and to maintain their ideal appearance after professional treatment for a double chin.

  • Eat healthier: Improving your diet can reduce the fat percentage of your body, which can reduce the appearance of a double chin if it’s due to your weight.
  • Exercise more regularly: Regular exercise improves your health and weight and strengthens your muscles.
  • Work on your posture: Proper posture targets those essential muscles holding your chin and neck skin in place. It also keeps your head at the healthiest angle, which smooths the skin attractively over your neck rather than pushing it down when slouching.

Exercises to Help Prevent and Reduce a Double Chin

You can take care of the skin around your neck by exercising regularly. These exercises target the muscles that hold those natural and healthy layers of fat on your neck in place. They also improve your skin elasticity to avoid sagging.

Results from exercising aren’t consistent and don’t guarantee results. However, even slight improvements contribute to a healthier life and appearance.

Exercise will not yield immediate results; you must keep them up to retain the effects. The best treatment to remove a double chin fast is through professional treatment.

  • Face Lift: Lift your face upward, then stretch your jaw as far forward as possible. Hold this position for a few seconds before returning to a normal stance. You can also alternate exercises by making a kissing face while facing the ceiling.
  • Chin Squeeze: Place a 10-inch ball under the chin and squeeze it between your chin and chest.
  • Open Wide: Face forward and open your mouth as wide as possible. Stretch your tongue out of your mouth before pulling it back in and returning to a normal stance.
  • Side Tilts: Raise your face to the ceiling, then slowly rotate your face from left to right while stretching your jaw forward.
  • Puffed Cheeks: Fill your cheeks with air, then push them around like when you gargle water.

5 Best Treatments for Double Chin at Hush Beauty

Do you want faster and more visible results? Dr. Rose can help with her innovative double chin non-invasive treatment!

Here are five of the best treatments in Vancouver that can reduce the appearance of your double chin and provide longer-lasting results. The best part is none of these treatment options require surgery.


Belkyra treatment for double chin targets the fatty deposits under your skin, causing the double chin. It’s an injection of deoxycholic acid found naturally in the body. This acid helps you break down stubborn fat in your double chin and reabsorbs it in your body.

This treatment works for any double chin, whether due to aging, weight, or genetics.

Because this process occurs more naturally over time, you won’t see results as quickly as other options. It can take several weeks to see the full benefits. However, it does yield long-lasting results over time and is much faster and easier than surgical fat removal options.

Learn more about the benefits of Belkyra for double chin.


truSculpt for double chin treatment uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to break up fatty tissue under the skin. It’s a quick and noninvasive treatment to reduce unwanted fat deposits under the chin for a slimmer jawline.

Dr. Rose heats the fat cells under your chin through an external handheld device. You’ll only experience a warm feeling as Dr. Rose carefully targets the fat cells in your chin and monitors the process. It only takes 15 minutes to complete the entire process. The treatment can reduce the fat thickness in your double chin by 20-24%.

Learn more about the benefits of truSculpt for double chin.

Thread Lift

Is your double chin due to sagging skin rather than fat buildup? Thread lift might be the best treatment for you!

With Dr. Rose’s thread lift treatment for double chins, a professional inserts threads into the skin around your chin. These Silhouette Instalift threads give your skin extra support and hold it up to prevent sagging. They can also hold the fat in place under your chin to reduce the unwanted bulge and accentuate your jawline.

Learn more about the benefits of Thread Lift for double chins.


Morpheus8 double chin treatment uses radio frequency energy and microneedling to stimulate collagen and elastin production around your double chin. Collagen and elastin keep your skin looking young and healthy while preventing sagging, which causes that telltale bulge around your upper neck.

Dr. Rose performs microneedling first to create pathways for the radio frequency energy to travel deeper into your chin skin. Then, she sends the energy into your double chin area. As a result, your body will naturally produce more collagen, strengthening your skin and adding more elasticity. As your skin strengthens, it can hold the layer of fat under your chin much tighter to your jawline for a reduced double chin.

Learn more about the benefits of Morpheus8 for double chins.


FaceTite for double chin treatment uses radiofrequency energy to heat and melt away fatty deposits in the chin area, which reduces your double chin’s appearance. This process is similar to the truSculpt treatment. However, while truSculpt occurs externally, FaceTite requires a small incision while you have local anesthesia to access that layer of fatty tissue it’s targeting.

You’ll begin seeing your chin transform over time as your body breaks down the fat under your chin for a younger, more pronounced jawline.

Learn more about the benefits of FaceTite for double chins.

Do Products Help with a Double Chin?

No creams or other products can effectively target and shrink a double chin. So, we recommend using one of the above treatment options by Dr. Rose to see guaranteed results.

However, you should still regularly apply facial products for younger, healthier-looking skin so you can experience the maximum results from your treatment.

Take Years from Your Jawline

Is your double chin hiding your favorite features? Time to take action and reduce the appearance of saggy or fatty skin under your jawline.

Dr. Rose’s double chin treatment in Vancouver brings out more of your beautiful face by reducing the appearance of loose skin and fat that hides your natural beauty. Enjoy a younger and thinner face to achieve your ideal appearance.

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