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Eye Bags Treatment Vancouver

Do you constantly look sleepy due to under-eye swelling and dark circles? Dr. Rose’s nonsurgical eye bag removal treatment in Vancouver will help you look younger and more alert.

Sagging bags under your eyes and dark circles can give you a constantly tired appearance. While some under-eye puffiness is temporary, you may notice your eye bags staying longer and looking more prominent as you age. These eye bags are due to sagging skin and weakened muscles.

Thankfully, there are some quick and easy solutions to treating under-eye bags that will reduce their puffiness and restore natural color. Dr. Rose and the knowledgeable team at Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre can help you look less tired and feel younger with our safe, nonsurgical eye bag removal solutions in Vancouver.

Contact Dr. Rose to reduce the appearance of your eye bags and dark circles with Vancouver’s leading eye bag treatment options.

What Are Eye Bags?

As you age, you will see an increased puffiness under your eyes. This swelling is called eye bags.

Additionally, your eyes naturally have fat around the sockets. This fat holds your eyes in place. However, your muscles begin to weaken, and your skin begins to sag as you age. Eventually, the muscle and skin struggle to keep the fat in place, causing a sag with a bulge from the underlying fat layer.

This is a natural part of aging but can be more prominent in those with a genetic predisposition to eye bags.

Other factors can also contribute to your eye bags including thinning skin, increased fluid retention, and irritants.

Types of Eye Bags

There are two types of eye bags:

  • Eye Puffiness: Your under-eye will become puffy when exposed to contaminants. Allergies are one common cause of under-eye puffiness. This puffiness can occur at any age and goes away within a few days.
  • Eye Sagging: When your skin loses its elasticity, and the muscles weaken, the skin under your eyes will begin to sag. You may have eye bags due to age if you notice this extra droop with or without swelling. These eye bags do not go away without treatment.

Are you unsure if you have temporary eye bags or permanent eye bags? Contact our knowledgeable team to help you decide the best treatment option. Because eye bags aren’t a medical emergency, you don’t need treatment. However, treatment for bags under eyes help them look more alert and younger.

Eye Bags vs. Dark Circles

Eye bags often come with dark circles, but they’re different conditions. Dark circle is a term for the darker pigmentation under your eyes. If you have dark circles due to sleep deprivation, it may be due to shadows from your heavy eyes. As you age, you’ll see more permanent dark circles as the skin thins and your blood vessels become more prominent.

Eye bags refer to swelling. While it also comes with age, eye bags are more due to the muscles. Looser skin can also contribute to the size of your eye bags.

What Causes Eye Bags?

Are eye bags genetic? Yes, many people’s eye bags result from genetics, so there’s not much you can do naturally to prevent or treat them. Hereditary eye bags require professional treatment to help them appear less noticeable. Thankfully, we’re equipped to help with all types of eye bags, so you can still see clearer skin.

Eye bags do increase in their appearance due to certain factors, including:

  • Lack of Sleep: Poor sleep can cause an influx of fluids under your eyes, increasing the size and appearance of eye bags.
  • Illnesses and Allergies: When you’re congested from colds and allergies, you will notice extra facial swelling, including near your eyes.
  • Salty Food: Eating salty foods increases fluid retention, including the fluid under your eyes, creating eye bags.
  • Face Contaminants: Makeup and dirt left on your face can irritate the skin around your eye, increasing inflammation.
  • Poor Skin Habits: Sun exposure, tobacco use, and poor diets impact your skin’s elasticity, increasing the amount the skin under your eyes sag.

If you already have eye bags, you can still reverse their appearance. Knowing the causes of eye bags can help you avoid worsening eye bags, and you can also seek treatment to address current eye bags. Treatment for early eye bags is much easier than waiting till they increase in appearance.

Dr. Rose can improve eye bags at all stages using her years of experience and quality treatment options in Vancouver.

How to Reduce Bags Under Eyes

There are several ways for how to get rid of bags under your eyes.

You can reduce the appearance of under-eye bags as you age by caring for your health and skin. Some of the most effective ways include:

  • Eating a healthy diet with vitamins and proteins that strengthen your skin and muscles.
  • Regularly exercising to keep a good blood flow in your skin and muscles.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep to reduce morning eye puffiness.
  • Take medications to reduce allergy and cold symptoms.
  • Avoid the sun and air pollution that dries out your skin, causing early under-eye sagging.
  • Place a cold compress under your eye to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid salt.
  • Drink plenty of fluids but avoid drinking too much right before bed.

If natural methods for reducing eye bags aren’t working, consider seeking treatment at Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre for targeted and effective under-eye treatment options. Professional treatment is the only way to see long-term results.

Even if you seek professional treatment, we recommend using healthy lifestyle choices to preserve your treatment results longer.

Nonsurgical Eye Bag Removal Treatments in Vancouver

You don’t need expensive, long surgeries to see brighter eyes and reduced puffiness. Dr. Rose’s nonsurgical eye bag removal treatments will take years from your face to give you a more radiant, alert appearance.

Here are the top recommended treatments for under-eye bags:

Plasma Pen

The plasma pen for eye bag treatment is a noninvasive device that heats the skin and cells underneath. It stimulates collagen production to restore your skin’s elasticity and heal most skin conditions. The plasma pen will tighten the skin under your eye to reduce sagging, which makes your eye bags more prominent. Collagen production works over time for a longer-lasting effect.


Morpheus8 eye bag treatment uses microneedling and radiofrequency waves to target and heal aging skin. The microneedling creates channels that allow the radiofrequency waves to travel deeper into the skin under your eyes.

The radiofrequency waves warm the tissue around your eye bags, stimulating collagen production. The collagen renews your skin and adds elasticity to reduce sagging.

Learn more about Morpheus8 treatment for eye bag removal.

Thread Lift

A thread lift for eye bag treatment is an alternative to plastic surgery for lifting sagging skin and creating a smoother appearance. This noninvasive option for eye bag removal uses thin threads in your skin to add support. The threads help hold the skin around your eyes in place to reduce the appearance of eye bags.

Learn more about Thread lifts for eye bag removal.

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are neurotoxins that help your muscles around the eyes relax. As you age, your muscles struggle to relax on their own, causing creasing and wrinkles. Crow’s feet and other eye wrinkles contribute to the appearance of eye bags.

Using neurotoxins for eye bag treatment targets those muscles around the eyes, allowing your skin to fall more naturally. This reduces the appearance of swelling and sagging under your eyes.

Learn more about Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin for eye bag removal.


Regularly using products on your face can help limit the signs of aging and improve your skin’s health. If you want to reduce the appearance of bags under the eye, you will want to ensure you have moisturizers in your daily care routine. Moisturizers will help your skin retain its natural elasticity to avoid sagging with age.

Some other products to use in your eye care routine include:

  • ZO Growth Factor Eye Serum: The serum cools any puffiness under the eye while refreshing the area for a brighter appearance.
  • SkinCeuticals A.G.E Eye Complex: This eye cream targets the main aging factors to reduce puffiness and dark circles while increasing your skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  • SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair: The eye cream rejuvenates the skin, helping it stay firmer. It also reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eye.

Contact our knowledgeable team at Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre to find the best products for your eye bags. We recommend using products alongside professional treatment for the most noticeable results.

Remove Your Eye Bags for Brighter Eyes

Say goodbye to tired, sagging eyes and hello to a fresh, invigorated appearance.

Your eyes are stunning windows to who you are. We can open the door to your eyes by removing distracting eye bags and replacing them with smoother, more youthful skin.

Dr. Rose and the Hush Beauty Anti-Aging and Skin Care Centre team are ready to give your skin new life with a customized treatment plan.

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