What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is identified by redness on the central part of the face (lower forehead, cheeks, nose, chin) which starts off as intermittent, then becomes more permanent and severe overtime. It is caused by an excess of dilated blood vessels and affects more women than men. If you're looking for solutions, consider treatment at Hush Beauty in Vancouver to address these skin concerns effectively.


Causes tend to be hereditary but factors like stress, alcohol, spicy foods, sun exposure, tobacco use, certain medications and misuse of skincare products can trigger flare-ups and aggravate the condition.

Rosacea Treatment Vancouver – Hush Beauty MD

While there are no known cures for it, avoidance of triggers and controlling rosacea is possible.

At Hush Beauty we have effective management strategies for it.

IPL photorejuvenation

Customized parameters of treatment with IPL is most effective in correcting  skin imperfections like rosacea by decreasing some vascular lesions like red blood vessels that cause it. IPL Photorejuvenation is an effective treatment to give the skin a clear uniform complexion of youthful appearance.

Topical Prescription

A consult with Dr Rose is necessary

Medical Grade Skincare



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