Pigment Control and Blending Creme 2% HQ

This blending crème containing 2% hydroquinone is optimal for melanin inhibition to correct skin pigmentation disorders.

You must have a skincare virtual consultation before purchasing the Pigment Control Crème.

Formerly known as Melamin™

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Dry Skin Normal Skin Oily Skin



  • Helps even skin tone
  • Helps optimize delivery of active ingredients
  • Helps reduce irritation associated with hydroquinone
  • Hydrates newly exposed skin


Apply a small amount as a thin layer on small affected skin areas once or twice a day, or as directed by a health care practitioner. Test skin sensitivity before use.
Apply a small amount to an unbroken patch of skin and check after 24 hours.
Minor redness is not a contraindication; however, if there is itching, vesicle formation, or excessive inflammatory response, further use is not advised.
Not for use longer than 7 months. Do not apply over a sunburn or on broken, cracked irritated, or inflamed skin.
This product is best used in conjunction with Pigment Control Creme 2%HQ and Retinol Skin Brightener or Wrinkle +Texture Repair. Please refer to Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone Program page to see directions for use with other products.
Hydroquinone bleaching products such as Pigment Control Creme should not be used for more than 5 months. Hydroquinone blending products like Pigment Control and Blending Creme should not be used longer than 7 months. Take a 2-3 month break then you can resume using the Hydroquinone treatment cycle again if needed.
Please do not spot treat with the hydroquinone products but rather apply these products all over the skin evenly and not just to the affected pigmented areas.
You should never stop using Hydroquinone products abruptly but rather wean off them slowly to prevent rebound pigmentation over 4-8 weeks.
Weaning off Hydroquinone products protocol:
Use Hydroquinone products daily for 3 months and wean off over the next 1-2 months as you transition to Non-Hydroquinone protocol.
Month 6: you should now be only using Non-Hydroquinone products.
Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Do not use near eyes, mucous membranes, or on broken skin or irritated skin. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
If irritation occurs and/or persists, contact a health care practitioner.
Do not use this product if pregnant, lactating, or with the intention to become pregnant in the next 3 months.
Hypersensitivity (i.e., localized dermatitis) may occur; in such case, discontinue use and contact a health care practitioner. Contains Sodium Metabisulfite, a sulfite that may cause serious allergic-type reactions, including anaphylactic symptoms (e.g., hives, itching) and life-threatening or less severe asthmatic episodes in certain susceptible persons.
To be used only on the advice of a physician. The physician should be familiar with the contents of this insert/label before prescribing or dispensing this product. Close patient supervision is recommended. If no improvement is seen, discontinue use and consult a doctor/physician.
Sun exposure should be avoided indefinitely by using a sunscreen agent, a sunblock agent, or protective clothing to cover the bleached skin in order to prevent darkening from reoccuring.
in case of accidental ingestion, seek medical assistance or contact a Poison Control Centre immediately. If you have a family history of, have or have had or are at risk of developing cancer, do not use.
Discontinue use and consult a doctor/physician in case of irritation, rash, excessive inflammatory response or if a gradual blue-black darkening of the skin (exogenous ochronosis) occurs.


2% hydroquinone: Suppresses pigment production
Glycolic acid and ascorbic acid: Purges appearance of surface pigmentation
Glycerin: Hydrates newly exposed skin
Saponins: Modulates the unwanted appearances from inflammatory response
Vitamin E and butylated hydroxytoluene: Provides antioxidant properties
Ethylhexyl palmitate: Skin conditioner, barrier restoration
Phenyl trimethicone: Barrier film, penetration enhancement

Hydroquinone 2% Aqua/Water/Eau, Cetyl Alcohol/Alcool cétylique, Glycerin/Glycérine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Lauryl sulfate de sodium, Stearyl Alcohol/Alcool stéarylique, Glycolic Acid/Acide glycolique, Phenoxyethanol/Phénoxyéthanol, Sodium Metabisulfite/Métabisulfite de sodium, Caprylyl Glycol/Caprylyl glycol, Sodium Hydroxide/Hydroxyde de sodium, Chlorphenesin/Chlorphénésine, Disodium EDTA/EDTA de sodium, Ascorbic Acid/Acide ascorbique, Ascorbyl Palmitate/Palmitate d’ascorbyte, dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate/Acétate de dl-alha tocophéryle, Saponins/Saponines, Sodium Sulfite/Sulfite de sodium, Beta-Glucan/bêta-glucane.